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The Right Tool for the Job

I have every tool known to man. I won’t take you into my garage right now or into my home office. (I gotta leave something for another blog.) But come into my kitchen for a sec. Kitchen gadgets are a tool-lovers dream. You can pulverize stuff in the kitchen just like you can on your workbench in the garage. Only it tastes a lot better.

My three favorite kitchen gadgets, in order, are:

  • The Thunder Stick™. The Thunder Stick is more than just a simple hand blender. It’s 8000 RPM in your hand. Think of the possibilities. With a Thunder Stick you can make granulated sugar into powdered sugar. You can make milk frothy. I really haven’t tested all the possibilities.
  • The Vita Mix™. This is a 5-horsepower blender. You can make flour out of wheat. The friction and speed of the blades will boil water! Sure, you can make a nice smoothie with it too. (And if you want to add in some iron, just throw in a Philips head screw!) The recipe book is two inches wide for heaven’s sake.
  • A butter knife. It’s smooth.

Jill says I only like movies where someone gets blown away with an automatic weapon or something gets destroyed with explosives. But the fact that a butter knife is on my list of favorite kitchen gadgets proves her wrong.

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