Happy Birthday, Evan!


It's Evan's birthday today, but he's busy in Orlando, Florida today at this week's TDWI World Conference, so Baseline Central is taking over his blog for the day to offer up some birthday wishes. Now, you may know Evan as the eloquent blogger and instructor in TDWI sessions like today's "Introduction to MDM for BI Professionals" or "Gathering MDM Requirements: A Different Formula."

But… how well do you really know Evan?

Here at the home office, we've gathered up a few of our favorite "Evan-isms" from over the years. Quiz yourself and see how well you know Evan!

“I’ll have a Diet Coke.”

"MDM is subject area integration. Any questions?”

"Nordstrom can know my underwear size. But I don’t want my health care provider to know my underwear size.”

"Where are my keys?”

"It’s 4:00 o’clock. Time for lunch.”

"Enterprise data convergence. You doing it? Um…no you’re not.”

"Where are my keys?”

"When it comes to data quality, perfect is the enemy of good.”

"You either master data management, or you manage master data. Or both.”

"Where are my keys?”

"Operational systems are focused on business process alignment and functional accuracy, not data content accuracy.”

"Bite me.”

"Where are my keys?”

Yup, that sounds like Evan alright! Happy birthday, Evan, from all of us at Baseline Consulting!

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About Evan Levy

Evan Levy is Vice President of Business Consulting at SAS. In addition to his day-to-day job responsibilities, Evan speaks, writes, and blogs about the challenges of managing and using data to support business decision making.

5 responses to “Happy Birthday, Evan!”

  1. Jim Harris says :

    Happy Birthday Evan!
    My favorite Evan-ism:
    “When it comes to data quality, perfect is the enemy of good.”
    Followed closely by:
    “Where are my keys?”
    Best Regards…
    P.S. Seriously, has anyone seen my keys? They were just here a second ago…

  2. Ken O'Connor says :

    I love this!
    My wife Nicola thinks there’s something wrong with me, ’cause I’m always looking for my keys.
    Now I have proof – It’s a #dataquality #MDM thing. It must be in the genes!
    Happy Birthday Evan, and thanks to your team for the amusing insight.
    BTW, the Evan-isms are excellent.
    Rgds Ken

  3. Scott Humphrey says :

    Happy Birthday, Evan! A very special pen awaits. I know, “Bite me.”

  4. Tracy Austin says :

    Happy Birthday Evan!
    Here’s another favorite Evanism:
    “I can’t believe it! Those #@%!’s don’t SELL diet coke!”
    Best, T

  5. Kathy Koontz says :

    Happy Birthday Evan!! I can hear the tone of the “Um…no you’re not!”

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