3 responses to “Not MDM, Not Data Governance: Data Management.”

  1. Terri Rylander says :

    I read a lot of passion with a hint of underlying frustration in that post! Yes, you can’t move on to the 12th grade if you haven’t passed kindergarten.
    Could you not lay out your roadmap to MDM where the “crawling” phase speaks to practical and consistent naming conventions?

  2. Karen Lopez says :

    I’ve felt the same way about Data Governance — why does this have a separate buzzword. Shouldn’t the governance be directly incorporated into our daily activities and not part of a separate group or set of policies?

  3. Evan Levy says :

    One of challenge with implementing data management (or data administration) is ensuring that the effort isn’t perceived as an academic activity. All too often we see these initiatives focus on making data perfect rather than focusing on making data more usable.
    Terry’s idea is good — approaching an MDM initiative by starting the data management tactics. We find a lot of our clients haven’t had the cycles (or support) for implementing the necessary rigor associated with data management. With a new MDM initiative, suddenly the interest (and support) for addressing data management details is acceptable (and is actually adopted).

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